Caravan Canopies

Looking for an instant tent? The sturdy and strong Caravan canopy which practically sets itself up and comes with a 2 year warranty is recommended. All Caravan Canopies offered by Ace Canopy are perfectly engineered and carefully constructed in order to ensure that all the movements are built into and controlled by the frame, just like great quality machinery.

Our caravan canopies take no time to set up. With the assistance of another person, you just need to hold a leg and pull it away from the others. Doing this will expand, rise and properly align the frame for reinforced strength.

The Caravan canopy and pop up tents set up in seconds. We are sure you will be able to accomplish your instant canopy needs with our selection of Caravan pop up tents and instant canopy.

Typical Uses of Caravan Canopies

Caravan canopies are considered instant canopies. Two people can set one up quickly. This ability makes the structure the go-to of outdoor sellers. Are you a flea market vendor or an exhibitor at trade shows? Get a caravan canopy so you can quickly prepare before your customers arrive.

Caravan canopies are not just for business owners. Even people who love to relax outdoors can get a lot from these caravan canopies. Set it up in your backyard to enjoy the fresh air while reading a book, enjoying a meal or playing with your children.

These portable canopies will also give you comfort during beach trips, camping trips, picnics and other excursions.

Caravan canopies cannot handle bad weather conditions. In case the winds get stronger or the rain pours, it’s time to take down the tent. Never leave this structure unattended.


More Information on Caravan Canopy Specs

Our caravan canopies feature a powder coated steel frame. Although steel is a durable material, the pop up tent is still not designed for long-term use. It is only good for applications where the tent can be fully facilitated. The powder coating is a dry finish which can last for a long time. It will not chip or peel.

The top cover is made of polyester, a durable material that maintains its shape despite frequent exposure to the elements. This fabric is designed to resist wrinkling, stretching, shrinking, mildew and abrasion. It won’t get damaged easily by chemicals.

Our Caravan Canopies can remain stable during windy conditions with the built-in foot pads and the stakes that come with the package. But in case the winds are too strong, you have to take down the canopy.

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