Car Wash Canopies

Our car wash canopies are the perfect type of canopy for business owners who provide car washing services. These canopies have protective sides which offer protection from harmful sun rays and rain. So, if you own a car wash or are just looking to cover your car while you are detailing or washing it, the car wash canopies are the best choice for you.

If you need totally enclosed canopies instead of these car wash canopies, visit the Enclosed Canopies page.


More Info on Car Wash Canopies

We recommend our car wash canopies to business owners who own a car wash store or an automotive detailing shop. Aside from protecting vehicles and equipment, a car wash canopy makes your shop attractive to customers. The canopy can also attract potential customers.

The heat of the sun won’t easily drain you during your car wash or car detailing work under the protection of a car wash canopy.

Our car wash canopies feature a top cover made of polyethylene. This is a long-lasting tarp that will not easily tear, stretch or rip. Poly tarps are treated against UV rays. They provide quality protection from the sun and they will not deteriorate despite constant outdoor exposure. Poly tarps are waterproof. They don’t allow water to penetrate through.

Our car wash canopies come with ball bungees which make the installation of the top cover easier. There is no need to punch holes on the cover because you can use these straps with the grommets.

Our car wash canopies have galvanized steel components. The frame may be a challenge to set up, but you are guaranteed a car wash canopy that remains stable for a long time. Galvanized steel also has the ability to withstand rust and corrosion. The surface of this material will not get scratched easily.

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