Car Canopy

Looking for an effective solution to cover up your vehicle without having to build a fixed structure? Our portable car shelter canopy is highly recommended. These structures are are easy to set up. They are sturdy enough to last many seasons so vehicles are protected all year round. Our car canopies and carports are resistant to the harsh UV rays of the sun and are backed by a 5 year warranty on acts of erosion.

A car canopy or RV canopy is ideal for covering your vehicle. You can even save money. A portable car shelter canopy is the perfect way to protect your car at a low cost. If you are on the go or just want a quick set up, the portable car canopies are a fast and easy way to protect your car. These canopies for cars or boats will last you season after season. So, if you need a car canopy to protect that car or boat, we suggest the Ace car canopy.

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Need your car canopy in a special size? No problem, we can custom make your car canopy tent to fit your needs. Ace car canopies can give you everything you could want in a car canopy.

Typical Car Canopy Uses

There is an alternative solution to garages: the car canopies. These cost-effective shelters may be portable but they can definitely handle extended use. We offer canopies in various shapes, sizes and varieties so vehicle owners can find the one that will fit their needs.

The small sized canopies can fit regular cars, SUV’s, MPV’s and the like. We also have sizes good for garden tractors and motorcycles. The larger ones can be used for trucks, RV’s and buses. We even have canopies which can be used for boats.

Car canopies lessen the car maintenance cost. Since your car is covered, it is protected from agents that might bring damage. Your car won’t get scratches, dings, dents and other damages brought by rain, snow, hail and other elements. The enclosed car canopies can even protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism. Car canopies help greatly in exterior car maintenance.

While car canopies have great features, do remember that their toughness is not enough to withstand acts of nature. In case the weather condition becomes worse, take down the canopy immediately.


More Information on Car Canopies

Our car canopies typically feature frames made of steel. These are more durable than aluminum frames. However, tougher also means that it’s harder to set up. We recommend two or more people to set up a whole car canopy.

The fabric top of our canopies is made of polyethylene. These covers are resistant to various damaging elements. Regardless of constant exposure to the sun, the car canopy tops will not deteriorate. They are also waterproof so in case it rains, water will not seep through the cover. These covers can also handle extremely cold weather conditions. They are usable even during winter.

We have regular car canopies, enclosed canopies and dome canopies. Regular car canopies offer you flexibility. The enclosed one provides further protection. The dome canopies have a more attractive look than the other models.

The other canopies we offer have valance tops. The flaps found on the edges of the tarp tops prevent water from entering the covered area.

These canopies are not just for cars. You can use them for storing your materials, equipment and other items. Whether it’s for residential or commercial needs, you’ll surely find other great uses for these structures.

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