Canvas Canopies

Our optimum quality, lasting canvas canopies are the perfect choice for those looking for something special. Our canvas canopies are equipped with heavy duty galvanized steel tubing and are 100% cotton canvas covers.

If you are looking for an original looking canvas canopy, Ace is the right place to be. The canvas cover protects 100% U.V. rays while giving it a vintage canvas look.

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Note: The canvas canopy is not meant to be used for rain protection. The cotton can shrink after a series of dampness. These canvas canopies are recommended as a light shade and temporary cover.

Recommended Canvas Canopy Uses

Canvas covers are not waterproof unlike canopies with polyethylene tops. That’s why we only recommend canvas canopies for sunny days. It is good enough as a sun shade for your items, properties or during outdoor activities.

The canvas material can only hold up to a certain amount of water. Once the saturation point has been reached, the water will start to leak. So in case of heavy rain, you might have to transfer all the objects to a waterproof shelter.

Canvas is a breathable material. So it case it gets a little wet, the moisture will eventually evaporate.


Additional Information on Canvas Canopy Specs

The covers of these canvas canopies are made of cotton canvas. This plain woven material is not waterproof so it can possibly shrink after some time. A package comes with a top cover and sidewalls.

These canopies provide ultraviolet ray protection. So if you store your vehicle under this canopy, the paint of your car will not get damaged quickly. You get more savings because you don’t need frequent paint jobs on your ride.

The frame of our canvas canopies is made of galvanized steel. Remember that steel is a heavy yet durable material. It is guaranteed to last for years. Since it’s heavy-duty, it will take time and effort to erect the structure. Since the frame is galvanized, it will not corrode or rust easily.

Our canvas canopy package also comes with ball bungees which make the installation of the covers effortless. All you need to do is insert the cord of the bungee through the grommet, wrap it around the pole (once or twice) and then fasten the cord to the ball.

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