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Ball Bungee - 100 Piece Bag
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Heavy Duty Sand Bags
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The Canopy With Valance Top 10x10 is a full package. All the parts and tools you need to set up the structure is all in this package. This type of canopy provides extra water protection. The flaps on the edges let the water slide down easily.

Canopy With Valance Top 10x10

  • Heavy-duty tarp cover
  • Full UV protection
  • Super heat resistant
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Heavy-duty ball bungees
  • No tools required - easy set-up
  • Galvanized steel poles 1 3/8-inch pole diameter - heavy-duty 18 gage
  • 5-year warranty on acts of erosion for frame and top cover



  • Weight = 56 pounds
  • Side height = 6' 8"
  • Center height = 9' 9"
  • With 4 legs


Available in white, silver or tan.

Additional Information

UV treatment. An ultraviolet treated tarp cover is able to withstand UV light and other elements. Its durability remains even when constantly exposed to different weather conditions.

Ball bungees. Ball bungees are easy-to-install tie downs for your canopy. Punching a hole on the tarp is not necessary. You can insert the cords through the grommets to install the tarp to the frame.

Galvanized steel poles. Our frames went through a chemical process that prevents corrosion and rusting. In galvanization, layers of zinc oxide bond to steel. These layers, altogether, serve as the protection of the steel item.

18 gage. An 18 gage galvanized steel is 0.052 in. thick. Gage is the standard thickness of a sheet metal piece.

Canopy foot pads and stakes. These accessories are sold separately. Foot pads provide wind resistance and are installed to the legs. Each foot pad has holes. The canopy user must drive the stakes through these holes.

Written by River Stillwood

July 13, 2017

Outstanding canopy for craft shows, etc. Easy to put up -- even alone, incredibly study. Simply amazing -- especially after having gone through 3 scissor-type canopies (including a $240 one) in one year! Ace's 10 x 10 is a bargain and worth every penny! Have printed out info on them -- by demand -- for all of my crafter -friends. Truly, I can't recommend it highly enough!!
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