Canopy Top Cover - Valanced

Looking to replace that old canopy cover? Get our replacement canopy top! These canopy cover replacement tops will hide the frame and let the rain slide off to the sides. The canopy replacement covers are very easy to set up and require no tools. Various sizes available. Place an order today.

Additional Information on Valanced Top Canopy Covers

The unique feature of these valanced top canopy covers is the flaps that hang over the edges of the frame. These give more protection from the sun and rain. The water will slide off the cover instead of getting into the interior of the tarp. Valance canopy tarps are ideal replacements for canopies with sidewall enclosures.

When you purchase a valanced top canopy cover, make sure you add extra two feet based on the size of your frame. By doing this, you can fully cover a canopy with a high peak frame. We have different sizes available so you’ll surely find the size that will fit your frame.

Our valanced top canopy covers are made of polyethylene fabric. This material is UV treated and waterproof. Both qualities allow the cover to resist constant exposure to sun and rain. These covers are also waterproof. Even when it rains, the water will not leak through the covers.

Get your canopy frame in top shape once again. Purchase a quality valanced top canopy cover to replace your worn out tarp.

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