Canopy Top Cover - No Edge

If you need to replace the top cover of your canopy, we offer a large selection canopy top replacement covers. Our canopy covers are made of heavy-duty, U.V. treated polyethylene. When it comes to covering your canopy, you want to make sure your canopy cover lasts season after season.

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Additional Information on No-edge Canopy Top Covers

These no-edge canopy top covers are the most common among the models we sell. Various sizes are available. Whether you have a big or small canopy, you’ll find the size that will fit your canopy frame.

The no-edge canopy top covers are compatible with most canopy frames available here. If your top cover is worn out and no longer usable, purchasing a brand new set of canopy won’t be necessary. You just need to get a quality replacement tarp.

The canopy top covers we sell are made of polyethylene. This material is UV treated and waterproof. These qualities enable the tarp to resist frequent exposure to the sun and rain. Even the damaging agents that rain brings will not damage the cover easily. Poly tarps are designed to last for a long time.

Ball bungees are the cords often used for installing these top covers. Since the tarp has grommets along the sides, you don’t have to punch holes on it. These elastic cords are inserted through the grommets then tied around the pole.

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