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For custom canopy builders and for individuals looking for a replacement part for a broken pole, we offer the Canopy Pole 36" Long x 1 3/8 Inch Pole Dia. With their galvanized finish, our canopy poles will surely last regardless of constant weather changes.


Canopy Pole 36" Long x 1 3/8 Inch Pole Dia.

  • Seventeen gauge
  • For canopies and party tents we sell here
  • Galvanized steel


Additional Information

Galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is entirely protected by layers of zinc oxide which prevent corrosion and rusting. This material is easy to maintain. It can also last for a long time. The satiny finish looks attractive and is hard to scratch.

17 gauge galvanized steel. The thickness of a 17 gauge galvanized steel is 0.0575 in. Gauge indicates the thickness of a sheet metal piece.

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