Canopy Accessories

Need accessories for your pop up tent or carport canopy? Ace Canopy offers a large variety of high quality tent and canopy accessories. Right from foot pads for your outdoor canopies for those living in a windy area to carry bags for pop up tents, you'll surely find what you need in this section. 

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A Look At Canopy Accessories

Abadak offers canopy accessories that enable functionality as well as aesthetic purposes.  If you are setting your canopy up in a windy area, than it is essential to make sure you have foot pads and mesh side walls.  The foot pads secure the canopy legs in the ground and the mesh side wall invite harsh wind inside the canopy but defuse the wind's power.  

Sometimes a part of your canopy needs a replacement. There will also be times when you need other canopy accessories to get the full benefit from your temporary structure. One very common canopy accessory is a replacement cover. Canopies will often last for years but they will eventually be worn out by the elements. Replace your old canopy top so it'll be good as new.

Sidewalls are also popular to canopy users, especially when privacy is needed.  After investing in a canopy, many would find sand bags necessary. Sand bags are usually tied to the corners of the canopy to ensure the canopy frame is weighted down.  Nothing can be worse for a canopy than being toppled down by the wind, and this can create a dangerous situation.  Note: If harsh winds are in your area, it is advisable to take the canopy down until the heavy winds are gone.

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