Canopies with Valance Top

Looking to protect your vehicles and other properties from rain and sun the economical way? We offer a large selection of premium quality valance top canopies. The cover removes the gap between the frame and the tarp so it can provide extra water protection.

Our canopies are 100% waterproof and come equipped with heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing. The valance canopy also comes with a 5 year warranty.

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Ace over the edge valance canopies can give you everything you could ever want in a valance canopy tent. These valance canopy tents can be used for parties and covering your vehicle. The structures are very easy to set up and require no tools. The valance top has a flap that goes over the edges so water will not leak in the tent. It's a great looking canopy tent.

Typical Uses of Canopies with Valance Top

The use of canopies with valance top is similar to typical canopies. But since these canopies have extra flaps along the edges of the tarp, they can provide more protection from the rain. The flaps also improve the overall appearance of the tarp, making it great for outdoor celebrations.

Users would often use these canopies with valance top for the protection of their properties. From vehicles to equipment and materials, these shelters provide quality protection from the elements.

Are you fond of recreational activities outdoors? Get protection by using a canopy with valance top. With an overhead protection, you can be shielded from the harmful effects of sun and rain. Even with unstable weather conditions, you can continue your activities under a canopy with valance top.


Additional Information on Canopies with Valance Top Specs

The most important feature of these canopies with valance top is the design of the top cover. The flaps on the edges prevent water from entering the canopy. The water will just slide down the valance top.

Canopies with valance top have frame components made of steel. They are treated to prevent rust and corrosion. A steel frame is hard to assemble, but you can be sure that it can remain stable even when used for a long time.

The top cover is UV treated and waterproof. Despite constant exposure to sun and rain, the tarp will not wear out. The cover will not allow water to penetrate. It can resist the damaging agents that come with the rain.

Ball bungees are included in each canopy package. These straps let you easily install the top cover to the frame. No adjustments are necessary because ball bungees work well with the grommets of the tarp.

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