Burgundy Pop up Tents

The burgundy pop up tents add a classy feel to any event. The regal dark red color suits formal parties and functions. Setting it up and taking it down is fast and simple.

Additional Information on Burgundy Pop Up Tents

Burgundy is a color that’s not common in canopy tents. If there are special events and functions that use burgundy as the motif, the burgundy pop up tents are recommended. These pop up tents are also great for camping trips, sports events, flea markets, exhibitions and other outdoor activities.

Our burgundy pop up canopies are recommended for first time users of tents because they are easy to set up and take down. Two people can erect this tent in minutes without the need for tools.

An instant pop up tent has a disadvantage. It is only good for use during your event or activity. It needs to be taken down afterwards. It also needs to be taken down in case the weather worsens. Remember that pop up tents are not able to withstand strong winds and heavy rain. 

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