Boat Canopy

These boat canopy tents come with long galvanized steel poles that enable the canopy to stand high above the water. The boat canopy legs come in several different heights so you can have more choices for your individual needs. All of our deck boat canopies provide full UV protection and are waterproof. Installing a boat canopy on your dock is a smart and economical way to keep your expensive boat protected and safe.

Don't let the sun and weather damage your boat while it's sitting at the dock. With a large variety of sizes available we are sure you will find the best boat canopy to suit your needs. All of our boat canopies can be set up quickly and easily with no tools required. 

Note: These boat canopies have galvanized steel parts which are not resistant to salt water. Salt water will eventually rust the poles.

More Information on Boat Canopies

Ace Canopy offers a variety of boat canopies. If you don’t find the design fit for your needs on this page, you can check out the other sections, particularly car canopies. We have shelters that can provide protection to your boat.

We have canopies directly placed on the deck. We also have ones you can install in your backyard.

Our boat canopies are made of components that are ready to assemble. No drilling and cutting necessary. Each package comes with instructions so you won’t have a very hard time setting up the structure. The frame is galvanized so you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion. But do remember that salt water can harm galvanized steel. You can make the frame last longer by applying epoxy or paint on the surface of the frame. Our boat canopies can last for years with its excellent frame material.

The top cover is UV treated and waterproof. Regardless of constant outdoor exposure, the cover will not wear out.

Our deck boat canopies feature ball bungees which allow you to install the top cover and sidewalls easily. Punching holes on the tarp is not needed because the tarps have grommets which can be used with the elastic straps.

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