Beach Canopies

We have a large selection of beach canopies and instant shelters. Our beach canopies can be set up in less that 60 seconds. They are great for the beach trips, sporting events, backyard shading  and much more. The beach canopy is great for days out on the beach and for keeping little ones out of the sun.

Various models and sizes are available to suit your purposes and style. These beach tents are also suitable for other outdoor activities that require a good shade from the harmful rays of the sun. 

Additional Information on Beach Canopies

Beach tents generally have the same construction as most pop up tents but are bit a bit lighter for easy transport. 

Beach canopies are able to protect you and your belongings from the elements. They provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun, light showers and sea spray. Your items can be protected from water damage inside a canpopy. 

Screen side walls are essential for canopies at the beach to prevent flying sand in windy conditions.

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