Backyard Canopy

A backyard canopy is a great accentuation to any backyard. It has an elegant and attractive design which will surely impress your guests.

We have a collection of backyard canopies that can be set up for temporary use (e.g. instant backyard canopies). We also have canopies meant for extended use (e.g. celebration backyard canopy). Choose from our large selection of backyard canopies to level up the apperance of your backyard for a party or just practical weather protection.

Click on the pictures below to view our many backyard canopies.

If you want to decorate your backyard and add functionality you cannot go wrong with one of our backyard canopies.

Typical Uses of Backyard Canopies

Different designs of backyard canopies are available here at Ace Canopy. The use of one would depend on its design.

A decorative backyard canopy lets you enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the sun and light showers. You can dine and relax outdoors under a stylish shelter. And if you worry about mosquitos and other insects, simply use the sidewalls for protection. Your guests will surely be impressed with a decorative outdoor canopy in your yard.

We also have backyard canopies used for protecting your properties. While they have a plain appearance, they can still be used for outdoor celebrations. Park your car or place your equipment, materials and other items under this a backyard canopy for sun and rain protection.


Additional Info on Backyard Canopy Specs

Our backyard canopies are made of steel frame components that are ready to assemble. Steel is a heavy yet durable material. Although it may take time to assemble a steel frame, you can be sure that you’re getting a tough and long-lasting shelter. We have backyard canopies that come with parts that make the whole structure extra stable. See the individual pages to learn more.

The components of these backyard canopies are ready to assemble. There are no cutting, drilling and other modifications needed. Instructions are included so you can set up without hassles.

Our backyard canopies feature fabric tops that prevent UV rays from harming what’s under them. These covers are also waterproof for rain protection. These covers will not easily wear out even when exposed frequently outdoors.

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