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The Ace Diamond enclosed pop up tent is built with industrial grade clear coated steel and patented frame design which creates true high tech protection. This structure has amazing resistance to salt air and water corrosion. All accessories are included with this package. Everything you need is all in this one package deal!

Ace Diamond Enclosed Pop Up Tent Package 10'x10' - Super Sale!

  • Weight: 70 lbs.
  • Comes with professional 500D polyester top
  • 100% waterproof
  • Built-in foot pads
  • Patented steel frame with powder coating
  • This model offers a lot of quality with a great savings. BEST PRICE ANYWHERE!
  • Includes 3 sidewalls with windows and 1 with a zipper entry
  • Available in blue, red, or white

Type of Use: The Ace diamond pop up tents are a stronger mid range pop up tent. All pop up tents are NOT meant for permanent use. If rain occurs the pop up tent should not be left unattended. These tents are meant to be used for trade shows or recreational outings where they are supervised in case of severe weather. For pop up tents that do slightly better with rain and wind (but still not for permanent use), please see our commercial grade pop up tents.

Here is a very simple rule for the grades of pop up tents:

  1. Light-duty pop up tents - For the casual user, good for occasional recreation and the new vendor.
  2. Mid range - medium duty pop up tents - For the average vendor or semi active social gatherings, good for more often recreation.
  3. Commercial or professional grade pop up tents - For the heavy user, good for vendors that will be opening and closing every day.

If heavy winds, storms or even slightly above average wind or rain is in the forecast, it is highly advisable to take your tent or canopy down.  These structures are no match for mother nature.

Written by Lindsay Stewart

January 04, 2018

Really enjoying this pop up tent that we used to cover our patio table area. Now we can enjoy eating outside all year round and not worry about the elements. Highly recommended!!!
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