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Window Shade Canopies

With a classic roman design, these unique window shade canopies are quick and easy to install. The only tools required are a standard home power drill which uses a one eighth drill bit and a manual Phillips head screwdriver. Our beautiful window shade canopies provide sun protection and dress up your window at the same time.

Need shade on that window? Try one of these window shade canopies.

Window Shade Canopies Turn A Home Into A Showplace

Unlike typical windowpane treatments which serve as interior decor, window shade canopies are installed to the exterior of your home. These stunning additions can give a plain exterior an elegant design. While they add a decorative effect to your home, these beautiful, economical coverings have practical uses too. Although designed to attach to the outside of the house, they work just as well on other outdoor structures such as garden sheds, pergolas, and verandas. They are also a practical and inexpensive addition for properties to be put up for sale. It adds the great appeal that many realtors encourage to increase the overall property value.

These unique window shade canopy blinds are available in a clean, stony tone of pebbles. This is the choice of trendy minimalists and decorators everywhere. The unique woven fabric provides protection from the sun, wind, and rain but does not fully block out light. In fact, with these coverings allow you to see the outdoors. You will feel protected without feeling isolated from the neighborhood. Sold in packs of three, they come in standard sizes of four by six feet, six by six feet, and eight by six feet.

Window shade canopies are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to give the exterior of their home a sophisticated charm when they are on a limited budget. These blinds not only look beautiful but they protect the interior by diffusing light and air. They also give rain protection. Order today and be a happy homeowner tomorrow.

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