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White Outdoor Canopy

The white canopies are our most popular and have many size choices.

White Outdoor Canopy Tents are Great For Weddings

When planning an outdoor wedding, a white outdoor canopy is often the perfect addition. The canopy can provide protection from the sun or a sudden shower to ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch.

Months of planning go into the average wedding. In addition, thousands of dollars will be spent. One area that cannot be controlled is the weather. By adding the 24x40 canopy, the party can go on no matter what is happening with the weather. In most instances, the beautiful view that made this spot the ideal wedding place can still be enjoyed to the fullest. Canopies are available that provide shade and allow the air to pass through as well as those that can be used to protect from the rain.

In the cooler months, the canopy can be supplied with sides as well as a roof. The canopy sides can protect the crowd from blowing rain and wind. Portable heaters can easily be placed inside to provide warmth that is needed. Many of the portable sides have clear vinyl windows so that guests can see outside. The happy couple has just created their own wedding chapel that can be placed practically anywhere.

The white canopy is also a great choice for use for a reception area. In most weddings, the reception will last much longer than the actual ceremony. While it is possible to sneak the ceremony in between the showers, the reception may pose a bigger problem. The canopy allows the planners of the reception to also plan the weather for the reception. Canopies are available in many sizes, so it is possible to provide seating for guests as well as a dance floor in a canopy that is 30x50.

The canopy can be used for many other types of parties as well. It can provide a great place for a graduation party as well as a sweet sixteen party. The canopy provides plenty of room for the party so that it does not have to take place inside the home.

No matter what type of party is being planned, a white outdoor canopy can be used. Since the canopy is white, it is ideal for a wedding ceremony or reception. In many cases the purchase of the canopy will be less than is spent on renting a wedding facility.

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