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Umbrella Canopies

Normally, our umbrella canopies last long and they are strong enough to last for many years. All of them can be easily winded up and stored. It can hold strong against winds, since it is made up of heavy duty supplies, inside and out.

Looking for great umbrella canopies at a great price? We make high quality umbrella canopies at mass amounts from our factory to make sure we offer a high quality umbrella at a low price.

Umbrella Canopies Turn Your Garden Into A Party

The umbrella canopies are lovely additions to any garden or outdoor space. These beautiful shades are more than a decorative element propped in a sunny region of the property. Place them next to your favorite table or picnic bench. Now you can enjoy a meal alfresco while providing shade your guests, protecting them from the sun and the wind.

Unlike standard garden parasols that must be positioned in the center of a table to stand, the cantilever model umbrellas have a self-positioned platform. The adjustable arm lets you choose a pose that offers the most protection. Covering ten feet, the fabric protects from the damaging ultraviolet solar rays. For those who want a umbrella canopies to be centered in your all-weather table, the market style was made with you in mind, with the flexibility of a freestanding base. Fully adjustable, providing nine feet of coverage, this style tilts in the direction that provides the most shade. Plus, this practical design is easily closed and disassembled to tuck away when the seasons change.

These trendy style umbrella canopies give your backyard the feel of an island resort. Gone are the days of hiding inside during peak daylight hours. In fact, doctors now encourage more outside activities to increase vitamin D intake and encourage healthier lifestyles. Eat your meals outside all summer long or just relax with a good book on your back deck under an umbrella canopy. And at the end of the day, when you want to relax, instead of flopping on the couch in front of the television, you can enjoy Mojitos on your sunny deck without risking a burn. So consider umbrella canopies if you live in a warm climate year round or are only treated to the rising mercury in the summer months. Made from recyclable materials, you can protect your family while making sound environmental choices. As an added benefit, the curb appeal that these accessories give your property helps to increase home values.

Technical aspects to consider with umbrella canopies.

  • 100% waterproof umbrella material
  • Rust resistant umbrella stand
  • Heavy duty crank
  • Thread count of the material

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