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Trailer Canopy

Our trailer canopy awnings are built to last and install very easily. Quality comes first with our trailer canopies because we know that people take their camping and load protection seriously. The trailer canopy covers make sure that you or what ever you are trailing is safe from harsh weather conditions.

The Uses Of A Trailer Canopy

A trailer canopy can have its uses and they are ideal for outdoor living as well as added storage and protection for your trailer load. They are helpful in making more space outdoors and offer great protection from the sun and other elements. They also make the the exterior of a caravan look inviting to guests.

Before buying or installing one a trailer canopy, make sure it will suit the exact type of trailer you have. Most RV dealerships will retail these and it is worth while researching to get the best deal available. There will be an extra cost to have it installed and self installation is quite simple as well. In simple terms, one just needs to drill holes in the awnings and the side of the trailer. It is important to ensure that the awning placement is compatible with the trailer.

When buying this for self installation, make sure it comes with a proper mount. Our trailer canopies already come with the proper mounts so when you purchase from Ace Canopy you are getting the complete package. It is however very important to have a support mount behind the aluminum siding. Watch out for bargains as the quality might be dubious and this will not last too long. It can end up costing more money than is necessary to get this corrected at a later date.

When traveling, make sure that the trailer canopy fabric roller is firmly secured. There can be all sorts of problems should this unravel while traveling. Vehicles behind can be damaged and the awning will be irreparably damaged. Replacing the material can be very expensive.

Extra clips are available to help the trailer canopy awning to stay secure. For some reason, they are not often suggested to the customers. Velcro double sided straps can also be used to secure the awnings. Plastic zip ties are also ideal for this purpose.

The supports of a trailer canopy are made from light gauge aluminum and they will be damaged if they are not fastened securely. Always make sure the canopy anchor and trailer are connected together securely.

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