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Temporary Canopies

If you are looking for quick set up temporary canopies for the on the go occasion, these temporary canopies are the way to go. Our temporary canopies are built for quick set up and take down. So whether you are at the beach or a flea market you can be mobile without a long wait.

On the go and need a temporary canopies? All temporary canopies are not built with quality plus versatility in mind. You want a temporary canopy to be light weight but you don't want the canopy to fall apart. All these temporary canopies are built for mobility and for strength, so if you need temporary canopies to last a long time you can not go wrong with these temporary canopies!

Quick Set Up Temporary Canopies

When planning for an outdoor event, the weather is an unpredictable element that you will not be able to control. Sudden rain and wind, or even too much heat and sun can make a day outdoors unbearable, but temporary canopies can provide needed protection to last all day. One of the most popular canopies used for picnics, camping and other outdoor events, is the ten by ten pop up canopy. This provides quick, one step set up, with slanted legs that can easily be adjusted for height. There is a six foot three inch side clearance, and open top design for extra headroom. The fabric cover is double stitched and sealed for waterproofing, and the fabric is UV treated and has anti fungal agents to help prevent mold and bacteria. A storage bag with wheels is included, as well as anchors and foot pads.

If you are looking for a little less enclosure, but you still need protection from the weather, a quick clamp canopy with tilt can be helpful. This canopy clamps on to any table up to ten feet long, and because of the mounting system with a nine inch pivot feature, it can be attached to many other different surfaces. This is a quick, pop up design and has a UV treated, mildew resistant and water repellent cover. As the sun moves across the sky, you can adjust the tilt and block the elements any time of day with the four position vertical adjustment.

If you are planning a day outdoors and you want to bring your pet, there is also a dog tent canopy available that is just as easy to assemble. The dog tent is three by five feet, and does not require any tools for assembly. This offers a roll up door, and full enclosure for complete protection from unexpected weather. When you live in an area where the weather changes constantly, or if you deal with the same weather all the time, temporary canopies are lightweight and pop up ready when you need them the most.

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