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Steel Frame Canopy Ports

High quality and highly resistant to the effects of the weather, Ace steel frame canopy ports for cars, trucks, machinery, recreational equipment last season after season and are perfect for just about anything else that requires outdoor protection. Our specialized steel frame canopy ports are finished with a heavy powder coated finish of gray and come with a fabricated pre-drilled frame assembly of heavy square tube steel with all the hardware necessary for easy and instant erection within minutes.

The steel canopy top roof material is made of fluted steel sheathing, shipped in pre-cut sheet lengths, with a baked-on neutral color painted finish. The steel panels are not only highly resistant to rust, oxidation, or any amount of the sun's damaging effects, but also attach conveniently to the frame assembly with rubber grommets and self-drilling screws at each frame member. Their ends and sides are open which allows proper ventilation. The outer edge molding pushes directly into the steel for a permanent, perfectly finished and attractive edge. The base of each canopy frame member is pre-drilled in order to insert the provided ground anchors. The anchors are 18" long steel pins with huge heads, making them absolutely suitable to secure the steel canopy to almost any surface. Once assembled, the steel canopy becomes a permanent structure that offers many long years of protection for your valuable investments. For those looking for the ultimate steel frame canopy port, our super heavy-duty steel canopy frame ports are highly recommended.

The steel frame canopy port top eliminates the hassle of changing the top every couple years. These canopy ports are a permanent solution to your shelter needs.

Steel Frame Canopy Carports Are A More Effective Way Of Protecting Your Vehicle

The steel frame canopy carports are the perfect solution for those who wish to protect their vehicles. There are different sizes, makes and models to choose from. Steel frame canopy carports help protect your vehicle from the sun and rain and come with a hard waterproof exterior. The best part is that these can be set up instantly and can be taken down just as easily.

If you want to protect your boat or SUV but you only have a limited space in your garage, you should think about using such carports. In fact, these carports will also provide an excellent temporary solution for contractors who may want to leave their equipment on the site in a secure location. Typically, steel frame canopy carports are available with two inch poles which offer an affordable solution because the tops are made of steel. This ensures that there will not be any need to replace them any time soon. Such features help make the carport more useful for heavy-duty use.

Before purchasing such carports, it is necessary to take a good look at their features. The carport should offer features such as easy bolt together design and should make use of rubber outer edge molding. In addition, they should make use of rubber grommetted self drilling screws and the carport should also be easy to unload and transport. Carports made of steel are very popular as they can prove to be an ideal alternative to the polyethylene portable garages and also the brick and mortar garage. Even though the steel carport and polyethylene portable garage perform similar functions, the steel carport will provide added benefits including greater durability.

The improved durability of a steel canopy carport helps make it an ideal solution for those who wish to protect their vehicles from the elements.

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