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Star Shade Canopy

The star shade canopy adds a unique design and structure that can make any event extravagant. The unique design of the star shade canopy has six elegant arches that give added visual appeal and offer ease in entering the covered area. The actual footprint of the star shade canopy is larger than the covered area. The star shade canopies also offer a quick set up in approximately 15 minutes.

The Benefits Of A Star Canopy

Nothing sets the mood of a festive event quite like a star canopy. They offer a unique visual contrast and are an impressive alternative to the normal canopy. Many people who see them appreciate the elegance and the functionality they provide as well as the ease of use. Their fun look is coupled with superior functionality. These are the perfect canopies for use in any event where you want to give the look of elegance, or simply maximize space while retaining the benefits that a shade bearing structure will provide.

Like a normal canopy, a star canopy will function as shade for your guests and shelter in the event of light rain. The worst thing that can happen to an outdoor party is foul weather, so this aspect is impressive. These canopies come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate any size event, from a small celebration to a large gala. Whereas a normal canopy will have a bland and non-interesting design, a star shaped canopy will provide visual interest. It will be tied or staked to the ground at five points and there is an elegant tapering down, allowing for a gentle slope that pleases the eye. The star design will also allow for a more visually striking and attractive look.

This star design removes the pole supports that many people find so unattractive in normal structures. While these star shaped coverings are going to touch the ground at five points, they will provide ample room. The angle of the slope allows for people to have easy entrance into and out of the canopy. Perhaps one of the best aspects of a star canopy is that it can be used in small spaces and will not overcrowd and diminish the space. Because of the fine design, which allows for a tapering and slim profile, it will function to provide ample shade and covering while at the same time it will not crowd out and fill up the whole surrounding area.

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