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Snow Canopy

These heavy-duty portable snow canopy kits are designed for snow-load and other increased-loads. It makes a wonderful storage area for your outdoor equipment and for all your lawn and garden needs as well as storing your vehicle. The snow load canopy is an all weather canopy.

The unique cover has a limited five-year warranty and the unit comes standard with metal canopy leg base plates and hammer in ground canopy anchors. No tools required for easy assembly! Load it in and don't worry about the load of snow on top. The snow load canopy frames can handle the load of snow better than regular frame canopies due to the snow load canopy's pole diameter and thickness. Note: Even snow load canopies are no match for mother nature. If there are going to be extreme high winds, it is advisable to take a canopy down.

The snow load canopy is an all weather canopy that can last the elements.
Snow Load Canopy Specs:

  • Pole Dia: 2 Inch
  • Heavy Duty Top Cover
  • Fully Enclosed with Zipper Entrance
  • Foot Pads and Canopy Stakes Included

    Get Year Round Protection With A Snow Canopy

    When the winter months start rolling in, people often worry about all of their outdoor equipment. Those who do not have a garage to keep everything in should turn to a snow canopy. This is a very useful product that is going to be able to help anyone out and this guide will lead the way.

    This is the type of product that can be used for the equipment that there is no room for or even the vehicle. The car can be hurt when it just gets left out in the snow. In fact, this is the type of canopy that is going to keep the vehicle from being snowed in so it is always easily accessible.

    The snow canopy is going to be very heavy duty and will be able to withstand a number of different things. They are also very easy to put up so make sure that this is taken care of right before the first snow rolls around. This will make everything much easier and will stay standing throughout the entire winter.

    It will be up to the individual to measure out the space so that they can choose the very best size. If the car is going to be stored in this space, it will be easier to go for the larger sizes. The large size will also be able to cover a great amount of equipment as well so get the best size possible.

    Not only are these canopies snow proof, but they can also withstand the heavy rain as well. Make sure that they are installed properly and set on a level surface. This way, the car will always be protected and kept in the very best condition possible. The snow canopy is a great way to protect any and all equipment and vehicles. Many are looking into the right sizes and are permanently installing snow canopies for top protection. Take some time to look around for one right now and do not forget to shop by the specified measurements.

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