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Silver Outdoor Canopy

The silver canopies are good at reflecting the sun and come in many size variations.

Choosing The Right Silver Outdoor Canopy

This type of covering is slightly different from that of a tarp and is most often used as a portable shelter for equipment or recreation. The valance is designed to fit tent structures, making it the perfect temporary shelter against all types of weather conditions. Each silver outdoor canopy is heavy duty and tear resistant.

The size of yarn used when creating the covering (denier) is the first indication of whether it can be considered heavy duty canopy. Any covering in the heavy duty category must have a denier of at least eight hundred fifty. The higher the denier, the stronger the yarn or fiber used during the products creation.

When choosing a silver outdoor canopy for shelter purposes, grommet placement becomes much more important. Eighteen inch grommet placement across the entire edge helps to ensure additional reinforcement against wind. All grommets should also be secured by reinforced stitching to prevent tearing.

There are many uses for an outdoor canopy, and one very important reason is protection from the elements and ultraviolet protection is a key factor. This particular type is treated on both sides to ensure additional protection for anything being placed under it. Ultraviolet protection will also increase the life of the canopy itself.

When additional strength counts, then verify the specific weave count and our outdoor canopies are created with a fourteen by fourteen count. This is an indication that for each square inch there are fourteen threads woven both vertically and horizontally. This not only ensures long life and stability, but additional thread count prevents tearing in windy conditions. If winds are a bit too strong it is advisable to to the canopy down. All canopies are no match for mother nature.

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