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Silver/Black Outdoor Canopy

The silver/black canopies are the best for blocking out the sun and supplying the coolest amount of shade. The black out canopy tarp top cover cuts out the sun better than any other canopy top to assure the coolest temperatures on a hot summer day.

More on the Silver/Black Canopies

The silver/black canopies fit most environments, especially urban areas. The clean and sleek look of these structures gives your outdoor space a striking look. They are great for protecting cars and other properties. We offer different sizes for the different needs of our customers.

The silver side of the canopy is able to reflect the rays coming from the sun. The black side on the other side, blocks the sun entirely. So if you need sun protection, the silver/black canopies are recommended. The cover is UV treated so it won’t deteriorate from frequent use outdoors. The waterproof material of the top tarp provides protection from the rain and the harmful agents it brings.

Our silver/black canopies come with a frame with heavy-duty steel parts. Since these materials are heavy, it will surely take effort and time to set everything up. But don’t consider this a disadvantage because the frame is able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The frame is also resistant to corrosion and rust. You get a high quality product that will last for a long time.

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