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Replacement Canopy

Replacement CanopyReplacement Canopy

Replacement CanopyThese are all our replacement canopy tops and side walls for our canopy tents and instant pop up tents. If you are looking for a replacement for your canopy or pop up tent you are sure to find it in this replacement canopy section.
Canopy Covers
Top canopy replacement covers to make your old canopy frame look new.
Pop Up Tents Covers
Pop Up Tent Replacement covers to make your old instant pop up tent frame look new.
Walls & Peak Ends for Canopies
Canopies enclosement kits.
Pop Up Side Walls & Ends
Enclose your pop up tents with instant canopy pop up tent enclosement kits.
We guarantee the lowest price on replacement canopies anywhere. If you are looking for high quality canopy replacements at the absolute lowest price, you will find it here. We guarantee it!

Finding The Best Replacement Canopy

It is advisable to buy a canopy that is sturdy and will not rust. It is just as important to make sure that the cover of the canopy can withstand harsh sun rays. If you have a canopy that needs a new cover, make sure you get a canopy cover replacement that is U.V. treated and thick. If you live in a sunny area you may have to replace your canopy top at some time or other. When buying a replacement canopy, one should invest in one of higher quality than the original.

The better the strength of the cover, the longer it will last. These need to be treated at regular intervals. If they are not treated they will only last about three years maximum. Low-grade canopies will however only last around six to twelve months. The snow, wind, UV rays and rain will cause the fabric to become brittle. Cheaper fabric will not resist rain or wind at all. Rain and wind can even rip the canopy right off the frame. This could cause more ripping of the canvas to happen while it is being flung all over the yard. Cheap ones also fade quickly and dirt and water stains will make the cover seem older than it is. The larger stores do not sell a replacement canopy and this means one will have to buy a brand new one. Thankfully, you can by direct from us. Ace Canopy manufactures some of the longest lasting canopy replacement covers on the market.
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"The huge selection at Ace was the only reason we found the replacement canopy we needed, We tried other places with no luck." - John W Columbus, OH.

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