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These premier party tents are built with top quality American made vinyl to withstand the frequent use of the tent rental industry which is the toughest environment for a tent to withstand. Whether you need this tent for rentals, tent revivals, events, or for temporary storage, these premier party tents are going to be your best choice. This premier tent is a sectional pole tent. This means that you can add additional sections at any time to add length to this tent.

Premier Party Tent 40 X 140

  • Tops are made of Heavy Duty "block out" laminated Dacron fabric. They are easy to clean, and mildew resistant.
  • The optional side walls are constructed of 13 - 14 oz material (much stronger than the industry standard).
  • This tent comes complete with tent top, galvanized side poles, center poles, (quarter poles if needed), tent stakes, and a storage bag for the tent top.
  • Standard tent tops are complete with all "guy" ropes attached. Sidewalls are optional.
  • This tent will also have an installation video and patching kit included at no extra charge!


Available in white, red/white-striped, blue/white-striped, green/white-striped or yellow/white-striped.

More Information

Dacron fabric. This is a polyester fabric developed by DuPont. It is abrasion resistant and cannot be damaged by UV rays.

Galvanized steel poles. These poles, even when constantly exposed to the elements will not corrode or rust. The attractive finish cannot be scratched easily. The layers of zinc oxide are the ones that shield the steel for damage.

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