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Are there hundreds of guests attending your outdoor event? We have the perfect product for you: the Premier 100 X 190 Ultimate Party Tent - Pole Tent - White with Vertical Blue Stripes. It has a stylish design with amazing features. The block out top provides protection from rain, harmful rays of the sun and wind. Seventy miles per hour of wind gusts are not a problem because this tent is extremely tough. We also recommend our Premier 100 X 190 Ultimate Party Tents - Pole Tent - White with Vertical Blue Stripes for commercial and industrial use.


Premier 100 X 190 Ultimate Party Tent - Pole Tent - White with Vertical Blue Stripes

  • Tent top - heavy-duty, a combination of block out white vinyl (15 oz.) and blue translucent stripes (14 oz.), inside a protective bag when shipped (rolled up), guy lines are attached
  • Fully functional
  • 2 inches seat belt webbing on entire perimeter
  • Can take multiple set ups and take downs
  • Side poles - lightweight, very tough, galvanized
  • Plates - welded on the center and quarter poles (top and bottom)
  • Pins - welded to the top plates of center and quarter poles, heavy-duty



  • Side poles: 16-gage steel - 1.660 in. dia.
  • Warranty (manufacturer's warranty): one year
  • Tent top: 14 - 15 ounces | material is standard laminated vinyl
  • Center and quarter poles: 16-gage and 14-gage steel tubing
  • Webbing: 1.5 in. - 2 in. / 3 thousand lbs. to 6 thousand lbs. tested
  • NFPA 701 Certified tent


Additional Information

Galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is a durable material that needs very little to no maintenance. The entire steel item is covered by a layer of zinc. This permanent layer prevents corrosion and rust from damaging the steel interior. Galvanized steel has an attractive finish which cannot be scratched easily.

Fire retardant. Flame retardants reduce the damaging effects of fire on properties. These are chemicals treated on different kinds of items. A fire retardant material is able to stop or delay the spread of flames.

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