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Portable Canopy

We are leaders in manufacturing portable canopies. If you are looking for portable canopies for a party, an elegant patio shade for your backyard, or a cover for your truck or car, Ace Canopy is the place for you.

Our lasting and fancy portable canopy requires no tools and are hence extremely easy to set up and look great for all purposes. We also offer a range of portable canopies for craft and flea market vendors. Our portable canopy tents are a favorite with swap meet and flea market vendors.

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Have an event and need a portable canopy? Try our Ace portable canopies! Our portable canopies are great way to supply shade, cover your vehicle or rain cover with out a permanent structure set up. When on the go a portable solution is a must. You can take a portable canopy on the go and set it up right away no matter where you are. A portable canopy is strong yet versatile.

A Look At The Portable Canopy
The portable canopy is essentially a canopy that one can take anywhere and easily set up or take down without a lot of trouble. It is a product that offers convenience to the consumer. You can have your own shelter or shade on the go, as these fold up and often come with a carrying bag or backpack so that they can be easily transported. The portability factor is the biggest selling point of this particular canopy. There are many different canopies on the market, but those who are looking for one that they can take with them wherever they go will choose the portable canopy.

This canopy is most commonly found in either a 10 by 10 foot size or a 12 by 12 foot. The consumer will be able to choose the size he wants, as well as the design and materials. The body of the canopy is usually made of a durable metal, often either stainless steel or aluminum. Keep in mind that aluminum will be a much lighter metal, making the equipment much lighter and easier to carry. The fabric for the top of the canopy can also be made from a number of different materials, often canvas or another durable synthetic fiber. It is important to choose something that is waterproof, and many will also prefer those that have been treated for UV protection. Many choose a canopy that has at least one or two sides of convertible walls. These can come in handy in case of inclement weather or pesky bugs. Those who wish to serve food or sell goods underneath this shelter will probably need to make sure they get one that has walls. These usually roll down and Velcro in place. Color is another difficult choice. Keep in mind that neutral colors work well with any color scheme, and white is reflective, keeping the area cooler in the warm months.

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