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Pop Up Tents

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Ace Canopy offers some of the best pop up canopy and instant pop up tents for all occasions and events. Our premium collection of pop up canopies and tents has everything you would want in instant canopy pop up tent - more protection, more durability, more strength. All this at a great savings.

Our versatile collection of light weight pop-up canopy, commercial grade pop up tents and instant pop up shelters is second to none. Our premium quality Pop Up Tents are highly resistant to salt, air and water corrosion, because we strive to give you nothing but the best.
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Tired of the hard set up and need a instant pop up canopy? Our pop up canopy tents are engineered for instant set up. All the movements are built into and controlled by the expandable pop up tent canopy frame. You supply the set-up energy by holding a leg and pulling it away from the others. This causes the frame to expand, rise and properly align itself for reinforced strength. It's so simple it practically sets itself up. This is why so many vendors use these as catering canopies, marketplace canopy tents and craft canopies. So, if you need an instant canopy pop up tent for a party, flea market or an event with a fast set up, we suggest these instant canopy pop up tents.

A canopy tent is the perfect way to give you that fast shade on a hot summer day. Commercial canopy tents are always seen at flea markets and trade shows due to their fast action set up. Vendors know that they need canopy tents set up fast in order to do business. If you are a vendor, you are in the right place for canopy tents.

Technical aspects to consider with pop up tents.

100% waterproof pop up tent top

Rust resistant frame

Heavy duty pop up tent frame joints

High denier count on top cover

Built in foot pads with a hole for a canopy stake

Uses And Functions Of Pop Up Tents.

People who use pop up tents know that these canopies are very useful in day-to-day life. Whether they are used to host a party or to go to the beach, the canopy can come in very handy to protect against the elements. One may not know what the weather holds when planning a party outside, but the canopy can act as a shield against rain or harsh sunlight.

Companies with large sales have started using pop up tents outside to extend their sales offerings. This protects the staff and the products from rapid weather changes. Items will not be damaged and lost due to bad weather.

Some of the newer pop up tent canopy sets can set up in less than a minute and they usually come with a handy carrying case, which makes it very portable. It folds up rather small, so it can fit into small spaces when it is being stored.

Those pop up tents with a heavy duty steel frame are extra durable. The steel poles can vary in diameter. The connectors are also made of heavy duty plastic and steel. Most of them have removable walls and tie backs to open up when needed.

Sometimes plastic base is provided to act as a ground cover to prevent insects, water and other unwanted materials to seep into the tent. The pop up tent side walls are made of 140g polyester that is treated to be water resistant and durable. There are no loose parts and it is simple enough for one person to assemble.

These durable pop up tent canopies can be used as shelter from any outdoor elements, for a party or as a car port. Improper usage can damage the canopy can damage it and cause it to perish quicker than it needs to. This includes using it as a car port or for extended periods outside.

The instant canopy pop up tent sets up in seconds. Each pop up canopy tent comes with pop up canopy stakes and built in foot pads that are connected to the legs of the structure so you can keep it secured to the ground. They are the ultimate in portable canopies. We are sure you will be able to accomplish your instant canopy needs with our selection of pop up canopy and instant pop up tents.

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