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Pop Up Tent Side Walls & Ends

If you are looking for a solution to enclose your pop up tent, then our pop up tent sidewalls are just the right choice for you. These sidewalls are true protectors as they are 100% water resistant and fire retardant. They have zippers and velcro straps to easily attach to the top of the canopy frame.

Click on the pictures below to view the various colors and sizes of pop up tent side walls and peak ends.

These pop up tent sidewalls and ends are super heavy-duty and high quality. Pop up side walls and ends offer a highly economical and easy way to enclose your pop tent for a secure, weatherproof structure.

Get Yourself Some Side Walls and Ends For Pop Up Tents

The pop up tents are ideal for many occasions. They are commonly used for various outdoor celebrations. And in case the wind blows or rain suddenly pours during your event, the sidewalls can save the day. The wind might blow the paper plates, napkins, cups and wrapping papers all over the the place, making a mess during birthday parties. Having these walls installed will prevent things from flying away. People can sit and enjoy their meal without worrying about the wind.

Weddings are another example of an occasion where pop up tent walls are often used. Wind is a minor irritation even in wedding parties. Everyone invited has done their hair so well and put their make up on to look their best. With sidewalls and ends, the wind cannot ruin their hairdos. Wedding photos can successfully be taken.

The walls for pop up tents are attached using zipper and velcro straps to the top of the frame. There is no need to worry about rain because the material is waterproof. These covers can also slow down flames because they are fire retardant. They come in different colors to match the theme of your event. These accessories also make your guests comfortable. It will keep you dry from the rain. It will also keep you protected from the wind and it will keep you safe from the harsh rays of the sun. Your friends and family will appreciate the consideration you've shown and everyone will have a good time.

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