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Pop Up Tent Packages

Our pop up tent packages give you accessories with your pop up tent at a great savings. Some of the pop up tent packages come with side walls, tent stakes and carry bags as part of your package savings. The pop up tent packages save you money by ordering the whole package as apposed to buying the pop up tent accessories individually.

We sell pop up tents to all the flea market vendors all over the U.S. and we know that they depend on their pop up tent to last day after day. We offered these special package deals so you can save on instant pop up tent items that will assist you with any event, occasion or party with your pop up tent.
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Types Of Pop Up Tent Packages

Pop up tent packages are the perfect option for those of us who love to go camping, but do not want the hassle of having to struggle to fix together a confusing array of poles. There are two basic options within this category - umbrella and coiled.

An umbrella design utilizes struts that are not to dissimilar to those found in an umbrella, they have fabric walls with a sewn floor. The coiled version uses a special spring and struts as the main frame, the walls and floor are than built around this.

Pop up tents are now extremely popular, they are perfect for all kinds of outdoor expeditions, be it a family holiday, fishing trip, or wilderness exploration. The ease at which they can be set up is the major inherent advantage over the other more traditional designs. All that is required is to pull the tent out of its container and allow it to pop open. As with all tents, it is still important to securely peg the design to the ground and if need be attach guy ropes. A pop up tent can be blown away in the wind just like any other design.

Though these pop up tents are easy to put up, taking them down can be slightly more complicated. The basic task involves folding the tent up and placing it in the container bag. It is important to follow the instructions that came with the tent exactly, as otherwise you may damage the struts and fabric if you force down sections in the wrong order.

When checking out the various options, be aware that the quality of the tents can vary considerably. Unless you are to use the pop up tent only in your back garden, avoid the cheapest designs. For a truly all weather tent that can withstand heavy rain and storms, you will need to spend a few hundred bucks.

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