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Party Tents

We are specialists in party tents, circus tents, wedding tents and event tents. Party tents are trendy and are heavy-duty. Our party tents are robust and can be installed easily. If you are looking for a unique party tent, then we have tents with attractive and beautiful colors. Stripe party tentsare popular and they definitely stand out. It is mostly used for parties and car dealers who set up tents for car sale. The party tents manufactured by us comply with CPAI-84 specifications. It is approved by fire marshals nationwide. Our party tent is easy to set up and can withstand different weather conditions. Our party tents come in several different colors and sizes.

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With a Ace Canopy products, you get the quality you need from party tents. Our party tents are used for events and occasions like weddings, banquets and trade shows. So buying on time is important. Ace Canopy makes sure that the tent is delivered on time. You'll never go wrong with a party tent from Ace Canopy.

Why rent when you can buy one of our party tents? Our prices are so great that the cost of the party tent almost meets the cost of renting a tent for the event or party. So save and buy one of our party tents! The party tent canopy is a must for that big event. They are the ultimate in party tents. Always purchase your party tent way in advance to give yourself time for delivery, set up or any other preparations that might be involved

The question we get all the time, is it better to buy a party tent or rent party tents? At these prices, you can not go wrong with owning your own party tent! The cost pays for itself after only using your tent one time. The set up on all our party tents are simple and can be stored very easily.

If you need a wedding tent we suggest our party tents in white. These party tents for sale are all high quality so if you are shopping for wholesale party tents, you came to the right place. We are known for our discount party tents so when you shop for your outdoor party tent and you want it cheap, you won't have to sacrifice quality. We are sure you will be able to accomplish your party tent & party canopy needs with our selection of party tents.

Technical aspects to consider with party tents.

100% waterproof party tent top

Rust resistant frame

Wide Pole diameter

Thickness of party tent frame

Heavy duty party tent connectors

High denier count on party tent top cover

Fire retardant party tent top cover

Galvanized steel poles and party tent connectors to resist harsh weather.

The Uses And Benefits Of Party Tents

Those who love to entertain should take note of those items that makes their hosting more fun and enjoyable. Certain things take the stress out of planning a special event, such as hiring a catering service or entertainer. However, party tents can also offer a lot of convenience and peace of mind to those who put on a lot of parties.

The benefits of the party tent are many. First of all, the weather is always totally unpredictable. Even if it seems as if your planned party day is going to be perfect, you never know when a stray shower could pop up. So a tent can come in handy to keep your guests try for a few minutes until the storm passes on. Also, in the warmer times of year, the sun can become a little unbearable in the middle of the day. Count on your tents to remedy this situation and allow your guests some relief.

These party tent shelters are also the perfect solution under which to serve food and drinks. The tent canopy is a recognizable point that everyone can easily see and take note of. This will keep your food and drinks the perfect temperature that ensure that the ice does not melt, nor the icing on those mini cupcakes. This is also an ideal place to set up the entertainers of the party. You can set up a little platform, and then put the tent over it, thus protecting all the necessary equipment and giving the entertains a little special spot of their own. Party tents are also the perfect solution for business events, no matter whether it is a company picnic or the creation of an outdoor selling space. Party tents are easy to set up and take down, and are so functional and convenient, yet they are quite affordable, making them an ideal investment.

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