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Party Tent Tops

If you need to replace that old party tent top you can choose from one of various sizes and colors. Our party tent tops are fitted to replace our party tents so you can be back in business in no time.
We have seven party top tent colors to choose from, so spice up your party with some diversity and colorful cheer.

Summer is here and its time to replace that old worn or damaged party tent top. We guarantee the lowest price on party tent tops anywhere. If you are looking for high quality replacement party tent tops at the absolute lowest price, you will find it here. We guarantee it!

All About Party Tent Tops Expecting an overflow crowd at your next party. Think about acquiring some extra guest space by and replacing that old party tent top with a new one for your party area. Like most large party supplies, party tent tops may be rented or purchased. Available in all colors and decors, making use of a these tents give your party the versatility of extra space in an open environment.

Party tent tops are especially suited to accommodate children gatherings or a large outdoor wedding reception. Durably made to withstand an active crowd, these tent tops provide covered party space and shade from the hot sun or unexpected rain. They can make use of natural daylight, or with some extra preparation, can be fitted with indoor-outdoor lights.

Making use of an outdoor party tent is an affordable, versatile way to maximize your capacity for guests without giving a boisterous crowd the full run of your home. Although it is difficult to monitor access to a party held outside in a tent in the yard or park, the open atmosphere lends a casual yet festive air to any gathering. Owning the capacity to use a party tent top whenever you need to manage any sort of outdoor event gives you the flexibility to undertake many activities you would not ordinarily be prepared to take on. Use of a party tent top can be made whenever a shelter is needed. A party is not even needed! A benefit white elephant sale can be scheduled, a pet adoption event can be hosted with the local humane society, and a medical screening booth can be set up at a local fair. The possibilities are endless! Party tent tops can expand your ability to easily host a crowd at your next event. Whether it will be a children festivity, a wedding event, a church group party or an office get-together, the number of happy guests will be enlarged and the fun extended to all!

Note: These party tent tops fit the Ace Canopy party tent frames and may not fit party tents purchased elsewhere.

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