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Party Tent Rentals

We sell party tents and canopies all over the world, online and by wholesale catalog but we also rent party tents in the Los Angeles area. If you are interested in renting a party tent please call: 1-661-480-1562 and one of our specialists will help you. Since Ace Canopy is a wholesaler that is open to the public the majority of our customers just buy the party tent due to the great savings on all our party tents. Even though it is more cost effective to buy we understand that some people do not have the room to store a large party tent.

Here are some party tent rental frequently asked questions that people ask us when they want to rent a party tent from us:
  • Do you rent your party tents outside of Los Angeles County?... We sell our products all across the world but if you want to "rent" a party tent, it must be picked up at our location in Los Angeles but you can always purchase a tent or canopy online anywhere in the world to buy.
  • Which party tents do you rent?.... At this time we only rent the party canopy "A" frame type.
  • Can you have someone set up the tent for us?... No. We only rent the tents, we do not set them up.
  • Is it cheaper to buy or rent a party tent?... With out low wholesale prices it is always cheaper to buy and have us ship you out a party tent for you to own and use when ever you need it.
  • Can you have someone deliver the party tent?... No - we are not able to deliver the party. Party tent rentals are by pick up only.

    Having a party and need to rent a party tent? In most case with Ace Canopy it is cheaper to buy than rent but if you need to rent a tent fast, contact us and we will get your party under the tent at the lowest cost.

    Advantages Of Buying And Renting Party Tents

    At one time or another we will need party tents for our garden parties and this reason make them very popular in the world today. Most people may not need them quite often and when they do they probably settle on the renting option. For those who use these shelter products quite often, buying will be good for them. But it raises eyebrows on whether to buy or rent. Let us look at the advantages of both options.

    Buying party tents will mean that they are under your ownership hence always available. They will not be booked out and any time you need them you will always have them. So no worry about where to rent or get all you need is to fish them out of their box and set them up. It saves a lot of money when you buy this product and especially if you need them for often use. Be aware that initial costs may be demanding but this is just once off payment. The costs are lower since one shall never pay rent after the party, neither will you ever incur delivery costs nor pay for fuel charges in picking them up.

    You will not only save money by buying the party tents but also can make money with your own yours. You may chose to rent them out to friends as long as the charge is lower than that of rental companies. You will be making money from your own items at the time you do not them. However, it is prudent to ensure that whoever you rent to is willing to pay for damages they cause.

    When you rent party tents and canopies you are rest assured of getting them in excellent condition. If there will be any problem then the rental company will take charge of putting everything well back in place. You may also enjoy the service of the rental company erecting the tents for you and in time. The rental company will be upfront to service and repair the tents for you since this is its responsibility. When you rent the tent it will not take up space at your premises. When you are done with their service you will simply take them back to the owner. However, you may be held responsible for damages to the party tent caused to them by your rental company. You are advised to take up a policy with this company for future purposes.

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