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Party Tent Frame

Replace your party tent frame with just the structure. If your party tent top is still good and need just the party tent frame choose one of the sizes of party tent frames below and get that party tent back up and working.

Tips On How To Put Up Your Party Tent Frames

Putting up party tents is becoming relatively popular among party planners, giving them the opportunity to allow their guests to have a pleasant place to tuck away from any unpleasant weather that may try to crash the party. The party tent frames themselves are relatively easy to put up though, you will want to get a friend to help you put them up since they can be quite heavy for one person to do alone. When considering where to actually put the party tent, keep in mind that you an area of ground that is as flat as possible since putting it on a hill or a slope will likely cause the party tent frame to topple over. Also consider the size that the tent is the bigger it is the more polls it will require to secure it into the ground so you will want to have a nice large space for it.

When you have decided where it will be placed carefully take the party tent out of the packaging ensuring that all the parts are accounted for before you begin. It will likely be the easiest to put the party tent frame up if you start from the bottom of the frame first. Carefully connect each part of lining up the polls as instructed in your instruction manual. Once you've secured all the polls together, begin placing the cover over the top of the shell carefully tying the material to the frame. Once you've finished your final task is to place the frame into a support base. Once you've completed your party tent you might want to consider decorating it by adding by adding banners, strings of colored lights, decorative pictures, cutouts or balloons. This is a creative option that some party planners enjoy allowing them to create themes for their parties with the help of their party tent.

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