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Party Shade Canopy Tent

Our party shade canopy tents are heavy-duty (1.75" diameter) party tents with three mesh walls. They provide perfect protection from the sun and the wind while not giving the complete seclusion that an enclosed party tent provides.

Available in multiple color colors, you will surely find the right one to suit your event.

Additional Information on Party Shade Canopy Tents

When holding parties outdoors, privacy is not really a requirement on some occasions. But you still want to provide your guests with the best comfort. Party shade canopy tents are great for such needs.

Our party shade canopy tent includes mesh side walls. A mesh side wall is able to diffuse the wind. You don’t have to worry about items blown off from the table of your guests once these accessories are installed. And if you want to keep off bugs and other insects, you can purchase one more side wall so that you can fully enclose the party tent.

The polyester oxford top cover is UV treated and waterproof. Even when you constantly use the tent under the sun, the cover will not wear off that easily. The elastic and breathable material is also resistant to abrasions and chemicals.

The frame is made of galvanized steel. The durable coating prevents corrosion and rusting. The satiny finish will not get scratched easily. Galvanized steel frames are long-lasting and require only minimal maintenance. Its service life depends on how often it’s used and the environment it’s exposed to (i.e. it won’t last that long in coastal areas).

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