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Outdoor Party Tent

These outdoor party tent packages have an elegant look. You can get one at an affordable price. Our outdoor party tent packages are enclosed with white polyethylene side walls instead of the oxford polyester side walls. Get more savings on outdoor party tents by ordering from Ace Canopy.

The polyethylene tarp walls are 100% waterproof and will last the harsh elements. So, if you want an economical solution to enclosing your outdoor party tent, we suggest one of our outdoor party tent packages.

Click on the pictures below to view some of our outdoor party tent packages.

Do you need an economical solution for your outdoor party shading needs? Get tents only from Ace Canopy! These high quality party tents have everything you need in a fully enclosed structure. Customers appreciate our outdoor party tents for their superior design.

Additional Information on Outdoor Party Tents

The outdoor party tent packages we offer include side walls. So if privacy is your concern, you’ve come to the right place. You can keep your guests comfortable even when you’re outdoors. You can shield them from minor disturbances such as the heat of the sun, drizzles and the wind.

The color white also gives you flexibility in decorating. Add ornaments to your tent according to the theme of your event or party. Different sizes are also available but do plan ahead by finalizing the head count and the items needed under the tent so that you’ll know the right size to purchase.

The top cover of these party tents is made of polyester oxford. This is a breathable material which is easy to clean. It is resistant to chemicals and abrasions. The thickness of the material can be determined by its denier. A higher number indicates a thicker thread.

The top cover is also treated with fire retardants. These are substances that decrease the flammability of an object. Do remember that fire retardants items do not resist fire. They can only slow down (or possibly stop) the spreading flames.

The frame is made of galvanized steel. Steel is a heavy material which makes it a challenge to set up. But since it’s heavy, you are guaranteed a stable structure. The frame is coated with zinc which prevents damages including rusting and corrosion. The surface is scratch proof. Galvanized steel is a material that can last for more than 20 years.

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