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We offer a versatile collection of canopies and canopy tents in different sizes, colors and varieties, such as portable canopies, car canopies, shade canopies, patio canopies for your backyard, canopy pole tents(come with a 5 year warranty on all tarp tent covers), a-frame canopies which let snow and water fall off easily . This section of outdoor canopies will show you our complete line of tarp canopy tents.

We strive to bring to you premium quality canopies of all sorts, right from decorative outdoor canopies to heavy duty outdoor canopy tents. Our large selection of products is resistant to the harsh UV rays of the sun and comes with long time strength and optimum quality. Ace strives to bring the world quality outdoor canopies.
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Need your outdoor canopies or carport canopy in a special size? No problem, we can custom make your canopy tent to fit your needs. Ace canopy tents can give you everything you could want in a outdoor canopy

Each Canopy can be used for many applications. We have free standing canopies for a deck, beach canopies and all types of outdoor solutions. All these outdoor canopies have a heavy duty polyethylene top cover. The polyethylene tarp cover is 100% waterproof and will prevent any water leakage with you outdoor canopy. Outdoor canopies with this type of pole structure make it very durable.  Our shade canopy is the perfect solution for someone who needs shade and wants to stabilize their canopy from heavy winds. The wind is invited in through the mesh shade canopy top and slows it down, thus saving itself from harsh activity.  Need to replace that old canopy tent cover? No problem, we have a large supply of canopy covers to choose from.  Outdoor canopies are very easy to set up and require no tools. Our canopies are made with galvanized steel poles and canopy connectors. The steel frame canopy along with the poly canopy cover make them great rain protection canopies. The canopy tent poles and components are all zinc oxide dipped to assure protection against the elements of nature's wear and tear. Anyone of our canopies are great canopies for decks and the backyard. Also check out our powder coated canopy frame kits. The powder coated poles and connectors prevent rust and at the same time get a more aesthetic appeal than the steel look. If you need certain types of tents and canopies that you do not see, call us and we will help you. You always get the best deal when you get your canopy from the canopy factory. We take pride in being one of the largest suppliers of canopies and large canopy tent in North America and we are sure you will be able to accomplish your canopy tent needs with our selection of canopies.

Canopies: Versatile Coverings On Demand
Canopies are versatile covering for any occasion but best of all, they are available on demand and depending on what is needed, are relatively affordable. They come in all sizes and colors, are made out of many different types of materials, both waterproof and non-waterproof, can be functional or merely decorative, can be draped over whatever needs covering or erected over a frame to become a certain pre-determined shape and size, can be used for emergency shelter or a relaxing nap in the summer shade. The possibilities are limitless. Tent canopies can be used as protective coverings for vehicles or structures being built or repaired. They can be the site of meetings, worship services, weddings, or meals. Their use is at the whim of the creativity of the person planning the event or the need for which an emergency canopy is filling a need. Their great virtue lies not as much in their appearance, although they can be attractive, as in their versatility and affordability. Available both online and locally at specialty stores dealing with outdoor goods and discount stores dealing with a wide assortment of merchandise, these easy-to-construct temporary structures are ready to go when you are. They can be used for an astonishing array of unrelated uses, the main common factor in each use being shelter, quickly built, to fill a need!

Tent canopies have a flexible capacity; the size of the canopy can be chosen to fit the crowd or size of equipment being covered. With a little planning, seats may be set up under a canopy to accommodate a crowd. Their ease of use makes them a dream to plan with for the overworked meeting planner; having an extra seat added is usually not a problem when seating beneath a canopy is involved. Our canopies are responsible for saving the day in various relief and distribution efforts associated with disasters and crises. A canopy can even be used as an emergency medical facility under exigent circumstances. Their flexible, versatile availability makes them the covering of choice in many situations.

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