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Walls & Peak Ends for Canopies

Enclose your canopy or put up a side wall with our collection of canopy walls and end panels. Our poly canopy side and end panels come in white or silver and are made out of heavy duty U.V. treated polyethylene. Our mesh canopy side panels come in black, green or tan and are made out of heavy duty nylon mesh. The edges are double flapped and the grommets are double stitched in the fabric.

These canopy tent walls and peak ends are made to last and will add great functionality to your outdoor canopy. With wall and peak ends for canopies you will have the added versatility of an airy open or fully enclosed weather proof structure.

Canopy Tent Wall Panel Specs:

Poly Tarp Canopy Wall Info:

  • Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarp Material
  • 6 oz. Per Square Yrd.
  • UV Treated on both sides
  • Reinforced Corners

    Mesh Tarp Canopy Wall Info
  • Super Heavy Duty Nylon Mesh Tarp Material
  • 73% Shade
  • Grommets Approx. Every 2 ft. Inches
  • Reinforced Corners

    These canopy tent walls are sure to last and add great functionality to your outdoor canopy.

    Walls And Peak Ends For Canopies

    Walls and peak ends for canopies finish off your pop up structure with added protection. They provide extra shade on sunny days, block the path of rain. When wind is blowing, they enable consumers to carry on underneath their canopy with minimal disturbance whether reading, eating or playing. They also provide an element of privacy for those enjoying romantic events or using their canopies as a changing area during summer beach or pool parties. Walls and peak coverings are made from polyethylene available in white or silver. Many also come built with zippers, the quick way to secure your inner surroundings. They are heavy duty products, constructed to endure the elements. Get UV protection on both sides, not just a break from the glare. Since the canopy itself with metal frame is portable, just wrap extra siding with the basic frame for an equally portable option.

    Mesh siding is also tough. Choose black, green or tan nylon. These are double flapped and come with grommets for easy attachment. With mesh, you let in a little bit more yet enjoy some privacy and control of wind or sun exposure. Materials endure more than wind and sun. They are also mildew and water proof. This does two things: one is to keep moisture off of customers; the other is to protect your product for the long term. Fold and pack these portions away for the next time you plan to use them, even when the interval could be some months. Rely on side walls and ends for canopies to come out of storage without the telltale smell and look of mildew which is disgusting, unhealthy and, for other sorts of materials, destructive.

    When buying wall and peak ends remember to get accessories too. Ball bungees are used to fasten sheets to a frame. Take a look also at how many sizes these come in: almost any size of canopy can benefit from their addition. Enjoy your comfortable package at the beach, in your backyard or when selling goods at market.

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