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Outdoor Canopy

At Ace Canopy, we strive to offer the best outdoor canopies in the market! Being canopy manufacturing specialists enables us the flexibility to offer our customers the exact outdoor canopies they need. The outdoor canopy tents in this section are premium quality, long-lasting, 100% waterproof and come equipped with heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing.

Our optimum quality tents stand up against the heavy wear and tear caused by the sun, rain, snow or any other adverse conditions. The outdoor canopies in this section are great for shade and rain. If you live in a windy area we suggest our mesh shade canopy tents. The canopies in this section are backed by a 5 year warranty on all tarp tent canopy covers.

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Need a special size for your outdoor canopy? No problem, we can custom make your outdoor canopy! Ace outdoor canopies can give you everything you could want in an outdoor canopy.

Ace outdoor canopy tents can be used for many applications. These outdoor canopies are very easy to set up and require no tools.
Our outdoor canopy tents are built with heavy-duty steel poles and a 100% waterproof tarp top cover. Durable ball bungees connect the top to the frame. The Ace outdoor canopies are one of the most popular outdoor canopy tents in the U.S.A. Our products set the benchmark for high standard outdoor canopy tents.

A Look At The Outdoor Canopy

Anyone who wishes to make shaded space outdoors will appreciate an outdoor canopy. This canopy shelter will provide ambiance for any party, shelter during inclement weather, restful shade on warm days, and a vendor area for those who wish to sell things. It has multiple uses. Many will use this item all summer long, and then when the outdoor season ends, it can be easily taken down and stored until the next spring.

Keep in mind that the outdoor canopy will be priced by size. The larger canopies will be more expensive than the smaller versions. Canopy frames are usually quite sturdy, often made from real heavy-duty stainless steel. These are often left out in the elements for months at a time, so it is important that they are designed to last without rusting.

The tarp material of the outdoor canopy top is meant to last for many seasons. Those who plan to leave this structure outside for long periods of time should choose a durable type such as poly or canvas top, which is of course what we offer. For parties, a lighter material such as polyester can do.

These canopy structures are commonly used to protect vehicles, boats, and RVs from the harsh elements. For this use, a 10 by 20 with sides is often used. The sidewalls are quite handy to have, and these are easily rolled down or put up at will. The pop up canopy is also a popular version. This type is handy for recreational events and traveling as it can be conveniently put up or taken down with little trouble. Many of these varieties even come with a carrying case or backpack so that they can be easily transported anywhere as needed.

Ace is always looking to expand our outdoor structures & canopies so if you don't see the type of outside canopies you want, call us and let us know what you need. We are sure you will be able to accomplish your canopy tent needs with a high quality Ace outdoor canopy.

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