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Enclosed Canopy

If you are looking for an enclosed canopy shelter for sunny and rainy conditions or to cover your vehicles, Ace Canopy is the right place to be. We offer a huge selection of enclosed canopies in different sizes to suit your personal needs.

Our enclosed canopy tents come in white or silver super heavy-duty U.V. treated sidewalls and canopy covers. The material is 100% water resistant. The canopy frame is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing. Our tarp tent canopy cover holds up against heavy wear & tear caused by the sun, and gives you all you could ask for in your enclosed canopy.

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Enclosed canopies are great for big events or backyard fun. The enclosure enables you to have protection from rain and sun. It also supplies privacy. These waterproof canopies and enclosed canopies  are very easy to set up and requires no tools. We are sure you will be able to accomplish your canopy tent needs with our selection of enclosed canopy tents.

An Enclosed Canopy Can Protect Your Investment

An enclosed canopy may be just the thing that is needed to protect a seasonal vehicle such as an RV, a motorcycle, or a boat. They come in many sizes ranging from ones large enough to protect two cars to those that can protect at least six. Thus, one can be better equipped to protect his or her investment from the damage that might occur if it is exposed to the elements or other harmful things.

All the canopies of this kind are made with a galvanized steel frame. It is covered by a polyethylene top and sides. The top has been specially treated to be waterproof as well as mildew, rot, and UV resistant. Some of these shelters have also been made to be fire resistant. They are made in accordance with certain regulations and codes.

Nowadays, most of the enclosed canopies are what can be considered semi permanent structures. They usually are erected over a concrete slab for a specific purpose (e.g. the protection of a vehicle, equipment, tools, or even a woodpile). Some use it as a storage while others use it as an outdoor workshop. One reason why it's popular for storing valuables is that it allows for air to circulate around it. This prevents moisture damage. It will not mold, mildew, dry or rot. This is in contrast to other methods of storage such as bubble wrap which can lock moisture in with the item that is being stored. This method can cause long-lasting harm that incurs a rather large repair bill.

The enclosed canopy is not airtight but the valance top connects to the sidewalls and the end walls. This assures maximum protection for vehicles and people inside the canopy tent. An enclosed canopy may be just the thing for the storage of a person's valuable, and large, things. It prevents long-term damage from occurring and saves a lot of money in repairs.

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