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Metal Carports

These heavy duty metal carports are built with fine galvanized steel and can handle heavier abuse compared to polyethylene. Our portable metal carports are perfect for those who don't have a garage and want to protect their car from hail storms. All metal carports offer heavy duty protection you can count on. When choosing a carport we suggest American metal carports.

Live in a hail ridden area and want a metal carport? Our free standing metal carports can replace your garage and protect your car from hail. We carry freestanding metal carports that can easily be placed in the location of your choice.

The Advantages Provided By Metal Carports

Metal carports offer all weather protection. These lightweight yet durable coverings offer a vast array of features that suit both you and your vehicle. Whether stepping into a cool automobile or conserving gas and other vital car fluids, these super efficient coverings are fast becoming the most cost-efficient solution to car storage needs.

Not only does metal serve to protect against harmful UV rays, it keeps the steering wheel and upholstery cool. More than this however, many people are not aware of how much gas they lose each hot day due to evaporation. In the right climate and inexpensive carport can pay for itself in gas savings throughout its entire use.

There are a few metal carport designs that can accommodate a great number of vehicle types. This included cars, vans, campers, RVs, boats, and even farm equipment. In fact many homeowners and business owners who experience severe weather conditions use these metal structures as additional shade for sandboxes, farm animals and even barbecue and picnic areas. While carports have long been designed using a vast array of different materials, metal carports have proven to be the most economical. When it comes to durability they stand up to a pretty fair beating. However, if shopping for metal carports in an area prone to heavy winds or high snow loads it is important to discuss the load capacity of any chosen structure with the manufacturer and installer before committing to a metal option rather than a steel alternative.

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