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This Month's Hot Sellers

The month of January brings cold temperatures, the snow is falling and most areas in the U.S. are getting colder. The winter is a great time for carports, canopies, pop-up tents, party tents and gazebo canopies for home and on the go. Our snow canopies and carports give great snow protection at a low cost. People usually like to store their vehicles in the Winter, so now is a good time to shop for that certain carport or canopy. The below canopies, party tents, carports and instant pop up tents are also hot sellers for the month of January.

Canopies and Party Tents For Any Time Of Year

Party tents and canopies can be used all year round. When summer time comes, the kids are out of school. The days are perfect for outdoor fun and activities like camping, garden party, playing in the park, strolling in the streets or simply hanging out outside the house.

Ace Canopy provides everything one needs to know about canopies from sizes, colors, designs of canopy, and decorations. First of all, know what the party or activity is all about. A wedding? A birthday? Or do you need it for emergencies such as natural disasters?  First, determine the number of event atendees. This will let you know how big the tent you need and what the arrangement of the chairs and tables will be. This will also help you decide on the decorations to put up.

We also offer carnival tents with and without poles, pop-up canopies, celebration canopies and ultra-max canopies. These are the largest and most colorful tents.

There are some instances when you will need them as temporary shelter. After a calamity strikes, these are very useful. People can use them after their homes gets destroyed by natural disasters.

The prices of the party tents depends on the size and design. Determine your budget and your needs before purchasing an item.

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