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Grey/White Outdoor Canopy

Our grey/white canopies come with that canopy tarp that is grey on the top and white underneath. This canopy offers sun reflection on the outside as well as the pleasant white lining inside of the canopy.

Why Choose Grey/White Outdoor Canopies

The grey/white outdoor canopies are recommended when you want a shelter that doesn’t stand out too much. The color of the cover can blend well with any environment, particularly urban areas.

The cover of the canopies is two-sided. They grey color on the outer side can reflect the rays coming from the sun. It’s great for protecting your properties from the sun. Different sizes are available to suit your needs.

The frame of these canopies is made of steel components. Steel materials are heavy so it will take time and effort to set up the canopy. But its weight is not a disadvantage. In fact, you get a canopy that can withstand different weather conditions.

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