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Grey Pop up Tents

Just like all pop up tents, these Grey pop up tents are self-erecting, which makes getting your shelter in place on an overnight in the woods quite simple. The lightweight frames and often polyethylene flooring makes them very prone to lifting when not-weighted. They are sturdy for use in high winds once you have off loaded your goods inside the interior. Another option is to purchase corner weights to stabilize the unit for very breezy location, however once sleeping and camping gear has been placed inside, they are generally pretty stable.

The Many Features That Pop Up Tents Have To Offer

Pop up tents are not just for camping. They are not just for those with a construction bent either. There are numerous styles and options that are super easy to use, making the set-up and take down process simple and hassle free.

Buyers of pop up tents can opt for a zinc plate frame made of spring steel. This ensures that rust will not be an issue. An exterior PVC sleeve is often used to guard the frame further from the ravages of the elements, making for a lasting structure.

A sleeper for four may average around 50" - 55" in height, which assures nice and roomy sleeping quarters. Such a pop up may weigh less than fifteen pounds. It will also fold down to approximately 1.5" with a wide diameter. This usually runs under 45" for a standard 4 sleeper, making it extremely compact for travel and storage. While pop up tents are very accommodating to those that love to travel in the great wide open, but hate to struggle with tent poles in the dark and cold, there is also another common use. They are great for children that want access to a backyard hideaway, but have neither a tree-house, nor a playhouse. Pop up tents are so easy to set up for use that even kids are able to have great fun with them in no time at all. Best of all, no matter how rambunctious their frolic gets, there are no broken tent poles, or malfunction issues that pose the threat of danger. This makes this tent option not only far more convenient than its counterparts, but in many ways safer as well.

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