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Flat Mesh Tarp Shade Canopies

Canopies with a flat roof and mesh top; also available with two mesh walls for even more shade. Our Flat Shade Canopies are perfect for just about any occasion! They're easy to set up, require no tools, and their low-profile look means they can be used and still be functional almost anywhere!

Flat Canopies Frame
  • Galvanized 1 3/8" Steel Poles

    Canopy Top
  • 70% Shade
  • Tear Resistant
  • Acid Resistant
  • Grommets every 3 feet

    The busy Summer season has left our stock of mesh tarps low. As a result, not every color is available for some of these canopies.
  • Flat Market Canopies Can Be Used By Many Types Of Traders

    A flat market canopy is great at farmers markets, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and many other street-trading businesses. They come in a wide range of types and sizes in the form of awnings, pop-up marquees, fold-up trailer stalls, and large umbrellas. You can have them affixed to the ground or held down by a weight system.

    The flat canopies can be heated or cooled according to the weather conditions where they are being used. In addition, there are many accessories that will increase public interest and promote sales, for example lighting, logo branding, or attractive artwork. For those who make a living as mobile traders, canopies are a must.

    They are versatile, durable, aesthetically pleasing and can be erected and taken down quickly and easily. Some canopies are called modular umbrellas and they are ideal for large areas like al fresco eating establishments. Large ones can be attached to rain gutters to ensure protection during heavy rainfalls. Other accessories are available to stabilize them in windy conditions.

    A lot of mobile traders are opting for an innovative trailer stall that comes with a box which folds out as a table stall. It has an awning, lighting, display counters, and many other features to suit any type of outdoor trading activity. The box folds-out in less than five minutes. Accessories can make the difference between yourself and your competitors. Traders with flat market canopies and accessories are more likely to turn a bigger profit than those with dull, dreary, stalls. Back drops are also available and they have a two-fold benefit. Firstly, they offer added protection from the elements. Secondly, they keep the customers focused on your products and not what's going on behind the stall.

    For traders who have one or more stalls in one area, you can get a market canopy for each one and join them together. This is achieved through ultra-strong linking systems, tension bars, and supports. Most suppliers of canopies offer to do the artwork and logo branding as an extra service.

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