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Fire Retardant Canopies

Our fire retardant canopies are the highest grade fire retardant canopies you will find anywhere. The fire retardant canopy tents all come with a heavy-duty, 12 mil. polyethylene, fire retardant tarp cover. Each canopy tarp is certified by the California State Fire Marshal.

Our fire retardant canopies meet the requirements of the fire retardant uniform fire code of the United States. If you are looking for the best fire retardant canopies in the market, we suggest our top notch fire retardant canopies.

Do you have an event and need high quality fire retardant canopies? We can help you with our certified fire retardant canopies.

Fire Retardant Canopies For Home And Work

If you are interested in purchasing fire retardant canopies, we offer them in different sizes to fit your specific needs. Fire retardant canopies have a lot of uses.

It is very common to find most canopies made of vinyl material. This type of tarp is known as being the best for windows or walls for canopy tents. But they can also be used inside homes, where you can use them for the curtains or even room dividers too. The fire retardant canopies can offer you protection for your belongings because they slow down the spread of fire. They can also be used as protection from the dangerous and harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

One other commonly used tarp is the poly tarpaulin which also has a flame retardant coating. This tarp is mostly used on top of roofs. It can be used for other purposes inside your home. These canopies are also very resistant to mildew, rotting, rust, water, etc. If you want to purchase canopies, then you should consider the ones that are treated with UV protection. Buy only the ones that are really resistant to things like bad weather conditions, chemicals and acids. Our fire retardant canopies are environment friendly.

One good thing about our fire retardant canopies is that it is very cost effective. There are quite a lot of choices you can make when it comes to the type of canopy to purchase. Determine your needs before buying one. 

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