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Door Canopies

Door CanopiesDoor Canopies

Door CanopiesWindow and door canopies are essential for home owners and for a business. For their investment, clients get UV protection and shelter for potential customers. The obvious attraction of door entrance door canopies are relief from the elements. Once beneath, whether they intended to or not, individuals are reading the menu, a list of houses for sale, holiday flight specials and so on. A customer may be made thanks to a bit of poor weather. For the individual just finding his house keys or unloading groceries onto the front step before entering. The window and door canopies are also a convenient respite from snow or bright sun. Hardware NOT included.
Broadway Door Canopies
New York style door canopies for doors and windows.
Bostonian Door Canopies
Dress your front door with Bostonian door canopies.
Chicago Door Canopies
Cover a door or window with Chicago door canopies.
Savannah Door Canopies
Accent your home or business with Savannah door canopies.
Entrance Canopies: Protection At Your Door

Entrance door canopies form a familiar feature along the sidewalks of cities. Especially in commercial areas with their restaurants, estate agents and boutiques, they are a mark of welcome. In fact, they act as a kind of announcement, especially if the cafe next door does not have one.

Thanks to the entrance canopies many brilliant colors, door canopies can really stand out. It is common to see them in red, blue, white and black among others. The traditional entrance way shape would either form an arch, a straight steep slope or a scooped shape, perhaps ending in a fringe of scalloped edging.

Many companies install door and window canopies using frames built into the side of a building. This takes time, equipment and money of course. The other way is to erect your own portable covering which can be taken down as required, say if you change location or need it for some other function.

Such a product uses aluminum poles that slot into their fittings. No screws are needed. This method pops-up quickly: depending on the length and width of a canopy, less than half an hour could be ample time. It all depends on how far back your are set from the road and how long the entrance way will be.

One added benefit of opting for a free-standing canopy is the option to add side covering. Nylon mesh is popular. One could also opt for unity of material and color across the sides and top.
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"These door canopies added a whole new touch to our restaurant. Beautiful!" - Anthony L. Canton, OH.

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