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Custom Party Tents

If you are looking for custom party tents, we can help you. We can make a 20x120 party tent or even larger. Just call us at 1-800-838-3057 to talk about the party tent you want to customize according to your needs.

Have a party and want a custom solution? We manufacture custom party tents for all types of occasions.

Custom Party Tents And When To Use Them

Custom party tents are not only a great decoration piece but they are also great for more practical reasons. When a party is held outdoors, the greatest inconvenience comes from the elements. The hot, sunny day, the wind and the rain will surely bring discomfort to your guests.

Depending on the type of event and the number of guests you have invited, you will have to customize your tent to be able to provide comfort for them all. Party tents are available in various sizes, from 10x10 for smaller events to 60x120 for larger events.

There are party tents with windows available. These allow more light through the tent. Enclosed party tents also provide privacy especially for events like weddings. The ones with windows allow your guests to enjoy the view of the outdoors from within the tent.

A variety of accessories are available which will make your tent safe and secure. These include ball bungees and foot pads to secure your party tent. With a stable structure, the only thing you will need to do on your special day is have fun and enjoy the party. Even when it rains the party can still go on.

Measuring the area where the tent is going to be set up is always the first step. It'll cause problems if the tent cannot fit into the area where you plan to hold your event. Record the measurements needed and then talk with us so we'll provide you with excellent recommendations.

The amount of people are attending the party and the event supplies also need to be considered. Plan ahead to make sure everything and everyone will be covered. The comfort of guests is paramount.

Once the tent arrives, it won't be hard to set up but make sure that there are a few friends there that can help you erect the tent. Most have reported getting these party tents up and running within an hour or even less. Follow all instructions on the manual and there should be no issues.

Custom party tents are a great investment to make for anyone who loves to have a good outdoor party. We recommend custom party tents for wedding receptions and even children's parties. Start shopping around right now and be sure to get the very best size that will fit in the yard.

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